Terms & Conditions


Who is Eligible to Purchase and Receive Product?

  • Whirlpool Corporation and Whirlpool Canada LP employees

  • Whirlpool Corporation and Whirlpool Canada LP retirees

  • VIPLink™ Partner employees:
    VIPLink™ Partners are companies who have an agreement with Whirlpool Canada to enable their employees to participate in the VIPLink™ Program

  • VIPLink™ Pass Recipients:
    VIPLink™ Pass Recipients are friends and family of Whirlpool Canada and Whirlpool Corporation employees who have been invited to participate in the VIPLink™ Program.

Only those persons listed above ("Eligible Purchasers") are entitled to make purchases through the VIPLink™ Program.

No other person should place orders or have access to www.whirlpoolinsidepass.ca. It is the responsibility of each Eligible Purchaser to ensure that their account is not misused.

Only residents of Canada are eligible to receive products through the VIPLink™ Program.

Employee Responsibilities:

  • Eligible Purchasers will have access to selected Whirlpool products on www.whirlpoolinsidepass.ca

  • Eligible Purchasers MUST NOT share pricing or program information with retailer dealers, trade partners, trade customers, competitors or persons that are not eligible to purchase or receive products in the program.

  • Products are for use by Eligible Purchasers and are not to be resold, traded or bartered

  • Eligible Purchasers are prohibited from receiving any type of financial benefit including but not limited to cash, favors, discounts, free/gratis work, etc., from anyone in return for products purchased through the VIPLink™ Program

  • Eligible Purchasers will be held responsible for any breach of these terms and conditions related to their account

If the account of a Pass Recipient is related to the breach of these terms and conditions, the Whirlpool Canada or Whirlpool Corporation employee who invited the Pass Recipient to participate in the VIPLink™ Program may also be held responsible.

If the account of a VIPLink™ Partner employee is related to the breach of these terms and conditions, Whirlpool Canada may hold the VIPLink™ Partner responsible.

Whirlpool Canada will take action in its sole discretion for breach of these terms and conditions, which may include without limitation suspending participation in the VIPLink™ Program.


  • Inside Pass offers a significant discount below manufacturer’s suggested retail prices (MSRP).

  • Program and pricing information is non-negotiable and should not be shared with retail dealers or persons that are not eligible to purchase or receive product in the program.

  • Pricing quoted online should not be used to negotiate a deal at any time.

  • While we try to maintain an error-free site, we do not guarantee that the site's content is complete, current or error-free (including content related to product availability, specifications, features or prices). In the event of a pricing or other error, we reserve the right to revoke offers, cancel orders and correct errors or omissions, including after an order has been placed. Our acknowledgement of an order means that your order request has been received; not that the price or availability of an item has been confirmed.

  • See the Inside Pass Terms of Use for additional terms and details.

Purchase Process:

  • All eligible persons are expected to register under one (1) user ID only to log into and access the VIPLink™ Program website

  • Whirlpool Canada expects that you will fill out the product registration card on all products you purchased

  • Brands and products offered, along with product information and pricing, are subject to change without notice

  • Product availability is variable. There is no guarantee that all products will be available all the time. Product substitutions may not be available.

  • Sales tax is calculated and applied based on the address where the products are shipped/delivered to

  • Products made through the VIPLink™ Program will not be priced-matched against any other purchase, through the VIPLink™ Program or through any other channel. The difference between VIPLink™ Program pricing and pricing available anywhere else will not be refunded.

  • Purchases can be made ONLY through the secure internet website: www.partners.whirlpool.ca

  • Purchases must be paid for using a credit card (Visa, MasterCard, or others as available on the website). Debit cards with pin numbers are NOT accepted. Whirlpool Canada will not be responsible for any NSF fees incurred. It is your responsibility to have the funds available.

  • No returns accepted on installed products

  • No returns accepted beyond seven (7) days after delivery

  • Each product returned is subject to a 10% per appliance fee and an additional 15% re-packaging fee per item that has been removed from its original packaging

  • Delivery fees and delivery services charges on the original order will NOT be refunded if product is being returned

  • VIPLink™ Program purchases are not eligible for consumer rebates


  • Major appliances$75.00 home delivery charge for any order with one or more major appliances;

  • Installation is not included with major appliance deliveries

  • Portable appliances / small major appliancesPurchase amount $0- $99: shipping and handling fee $12.00

  • Purchase amount $100- $299: shipping and handling fee $17.50

  • Purchase amount $300- $499: shipping and handling fee $24.00

  • Purchase amount $500 or more : shipping and handling fee Free

  • In addition, there are for home delivery services. Fees vary and are added to the delivery charge:

    • Uncrate set in place: Additional $10/item charge for items delivered to the same location

    • Haul away: Additional $35/item charge for like items

  • Delivery appointments will be set up by the delivery agent after the product(s) become available

  • Deliveries dates are determined based on product availability and available delivery windows within a specific location

  • All orders are delivered complete, there are no partial deliveries

  • Home deliveries and courier shipments are not available to addresses outside Canada

  • Products MUST be inspected at the time of delivery for damage. Products cannot be returned after the purchaser has signed for delivery. Inspection for damage is the purchaser's responsibility.

  • Signature at the time of delivery denotes that the product was received and is damage free. If product(s) are damaged or not accepted, call 1-866-330-6050 for help on reorder of damaged product.

  • Any damaged product, which is delivered, will be removed by the delivery agent unless alternatives have been set by a Whirlpool representative

Product pick up:

  • There is no delivery charge for products picked up at call locations

  • Major appliances, small major appliances, small appliances, filters and accessories are available for pick up at the Milton location

  • Major appliances and small major appliances ONLY are available for pick up at the Calgary location

  • Pick up hours: 8am to 6pm, Monday to Friday only. Call to schedule an appointment For pick up in Milton, call 905-864-7809. For pick up in Calgary, call 403-476-1729.

  • Once a pick up number has been relayed to you, call the warehouse to arrange for pick up. You MUST give the warehouse 4 HOURS NOTICE prior to your arrival.

  • The person picking up the appliance(s) must bring their Whirlpool order number to the pickup facility at their appointed pick up time

  • The person who will be picking up the appliance(s) will need to bring a driver's license or valid government issued picture ID with them.

  • All products on a single order must be picked up at the same time

  • Customers are responsible for bringing a vehicle with adequate space and load capacity. All doors must FULLY CLOSE when the product is loaded.

  • No product shall be attached or strapped to the exterior of the vehicle

  • Our warehouse associate retains the right to refuse to load or allow product to leave the warehouse if the vehicle is deemed unsafe

  • Any products not picked up within two (2) weeks will be returned to inventory and a $75 per appliance restocking fee will be charged

  • Product being picked up MUST be inspected prior to accepting the product. Any damage visible will be handled by the pickup agent. Inspection for damage is your responsibility.

  • All products picked up from will call become the responsibility of the owner once the products leave the will call facility

These program terms are non-negotiable. These terms and pricing are subject to change.